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The modern alternative to heavy curtains and blinds, solar films let you enjoy your home by reducing glare, blocking heat and adding privacy to your rooms, all the while looking stylish and on-trend. You’ll feel more comfortable in your living spaces and be able to enjoy natural sunlight without the piercing glare of the sun or the damage to your skin or furnishings that comes from exposure to UV rays.


Improve the efficiency of your windows dramatically with EnerLogic Energy Efficient Window Films. EnerLogic performs 4 times better than regular or standard solar window films. This means it’s better than other eco-friendly window films and simply keeps out huge amounts of solar heat which makes it spectacular in its energy saving and value for money.

Safety & Security WINDOW FILM

Protecting your friends, family, tenants and investments; safety & security films reduce broken glass injuries and help to deter break-ins. By strengthening your glass windows and doors and holding the glass together should it shatter from impact or accident, you’ll be ensuring broken glass does not cause injury and there’s minimal damage to your property.

Designer & decorative FILM

Why opt for boring blinds when you can add a creative style to your space and achieve privacy with frosted or more opaque film designs? We’ll help you to achieve the stunning design that you’d like in your home or office and you can browse our many frosted film variations that allow the natural light to shine through the glass, but don’t leave a clear view within spaces.

Anti-graffiti FILM

Perfect for public-facing windows or doors that may be prone to vandalism or wear and tear of high traffic areas, anti-graffiti films are a sacrificial layer that are easily removed after your surface has been vandalised. Should you see your glass with any scratching or spray paint, simply remove the film and your glass surfaces will be unaffected.  

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