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Designer & Decorative FILM

Why Designer & Decorative Films are for you:

  • You’re able to apply any design to your windows or even your walls. Give your space a refresh with a decorative or designer film.

  • Create privacy between spaces with a frosted or heavily decorated film. Your home or office doesn’t have to be boring!

  • You don’t have to block your windows completely to achieve privacy, you can allow some natural light to flow through with decorative and designer films.

Recommended by architects, interior designers and fit-out consultants, decorative and designer films can add a new dimension to glass surfaces, re-defining the way they interact with traditional architecture and interior design. Almost any design can be transformed onto clear glass, doors and partitions or almost any smooth painted surface.


Designer window tinting can also serve as an identity marker for office areas, work cells and business units. HPWF frosted and opaque films will create privacy, whilst allowing the transmission of natural light. When used in offices they can also save on the capital cost of conventional window furnishings and their ongoing maintenance.

Designer & Decorative Film applications:

  • Display windows
  • Retail store fronts
  • Window tinting
  • Mirrors
  • Glass office doors
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