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Why Safety & Security Films are for you:

  • Shattered glass will be held together, meaning there’ll be less chance of injury or disruption.

  • Intruders will find it harder to break through your glass. It’ll take longer for them to gain entry and as a result, they may give up.

  • The delayed break in time will give you extra time to react.

  • Breakage from violent weather or storms will be the last of your worries, safety & security films are 7x thicker than standard films and dramatically increase the strength of your glass.

Clear View and Scratch Resistant Safety Films

Safety & security films deliver high-end protection, and are virtually invisible, with excellent optical clarity. They won’t diffuse light transmission, create shadows, or discolour plus they feature a patented, resilient, scratch resistant coating to further enhance their longevity and durability.

High Tensile Protection Safety Window Films

Safety & security film is manufactured from multiple layers of special class polyester film bonded with proprietary adhesives to form a heavy gauge, high tensile barrier, affixed to the inside surface of the glass.


Constructed to form an almost impenetrable barrier, HPWF’s clear and tinted security window films and safety window films, tested by the University of NSW Building Research Centre can be used to upgrade non-conforming glass to the Australian & New Zealand ‘Human Impact’ Standard AS/NZS 2208.

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